Daphni Jiaolong (Caribou, Free MP3) 2LP

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Full length debut from Dan Snaith's Daphni alias on his own Jiaolong imprint. Most people probably know Snaith from his other alias Caribou, but as Daphni, the Canadian producer explores dancefloor oriented realms to great success. Daphni first emerged on the scene with a 12" in 2011(already sought-after and pricey on discogs) and has since made waves with his unique and eclectic brand of dance floor music. Those that slept on the first Jiaolong 12" will be pleased to hear those tracks are contained on here on the full length, including the amazing soul-sampling jam "Yes, I Know," the heavy afro-fusion groove of "Ne Noya," and the lush polyrhythmic bounce of "Jiao." Further expanding the scope of Daphni's world are fresh tracks like "Ye Ye" that jacks it up with heavy bass rolls and tough drum programming, the hypnotizing synths of "Light," the drum heavy "Pairs," and the deep, textured goodness of "Ahora." Undoubtably dope material through and through that will work on the floor as well as the headphones. 9 tracks in all, recommended.

  • music label: Jiaolong 2012
reviewed by TKB 12/2012