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Fantastic Mr. Fox San'En 2x10"

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10" Vinyl $19.00
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After nearly a year and a half hiatus Fantastic Mr. Fox is back. His previous efforts helped to define the resurgence of 2-Step on the UK Funky scene and while he keep it funky here his sound has definitely matured. For the better part of this 10" double pack EP the Fox teams up with label mate Alby Daniels for some tasty vocal treats. The second half of the EP definitely follows the path set by James Blake with their slow paced, fractured beats, and nearly synth like vocals. Head for the first half if you're looking for more of the funky house sound. "Speak Nuh" is arguably the track to go for out of the four presented here.

  • Music Label: Black Acre 2012
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 07/2012