Funn City All-Night People (Darshan Jesrani) Vinyl 12"

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Debut release from Darshan Jesrani under the Funn City alias on his new label, Startree! Heads will recognize Darshan as one-half of Metro Area, and like the other half (Morgan Geist) did with Storm Queen, Jesrani masterfully fuses retro and contemporary dancefloor aesthetics as Funn City. "All-Night People" is the first track from the new project and gets bodies moving on the floor with a potent combination of disco, house, new wave and post-punk aesthetics. The swinging bass-driven groove and playful melodies sound like it would be right at home with classic 80's 12"s on 99, Factory, or Sleeping Bag Records - back when genre lines were blurred, and all that mattered was the dance. Comes with the full vocal Disco mix as well as the dub on the flip. Either one you pick, the floor is sure to go bang! Recommended.

  • music label: Startree 2013
reviewed by TKB 02/2014