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Official 20th anniversary reissue! Usually thought of as the most overlooked of the Wu-classics, Liquid Swords actually recently achieved platinum status (the 1st Wu record to do so!). The centerpiece of the album is definitely the title track with it's dark Shogun Assassin intro. I have creepy memories of Prince Paul playing this at the Cooler (remember that place?) and a room of 100 doods yelling along like they were at church. One of RZA's simplest manipulations but definitely one of his most effective. There's several singles with varying degrees of success: "Shadow Boxing, Cold World," and "Labels," but the album-only tracks cut deep like the bugged-out "4th Chamber" with Ghostface, or the deceptively smooth "Duel of the Iron Mic." As the years pass, this album will only get larger in stature. Recommended.

  • 20th anniversary reissue
  • music label: Geffen 1995 / 2015
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2011