LCD Soundsystem 45.33 Remixes (Prins Thomas, Runaway) 12"

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Back in 2005, LCD Soundsystem created an astounding piece entitled 45:33 (as in 45 minutes and 33 seconds long) originally commissioned by Nike and intended to be a jogging soundtrack. It was quite a track, one that mutated and morphed into several movements and one that frontman James Murphy is known to be very proud of. Fast forward to 2009 and 45:33 gets revisited by the dance scene's brightest producers for some truly stunning remixes. The original CD version contained all 8 remixes on one disc, but for the vinyl release they are split up onto four 12"s, each side dedicated to a single remix. This volume includes Brooklyn's Runaway on the remix for that deep dubby house tip, and Prins Thomas for the breezy Norwegian new disco style. Recommended.

  • music label: DFA
reviewed by snackmaster 03/2011