Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams Vinyl LP

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Debut album from Neo Folk Rockers, Lord Huron. 2012 was an interesting year. EDM became a thing and it clearly changed the way people consume and experience music. Song to song, big drop after big drop, people were fiending for bullsh*t, still kind of are but things became a bit more tolerable (thanks Disclosure). While Lord Huron has absolutely nothing to do with pop radio in that sense, they do represent the opposite of all things single based. Sure they can write a hook but they also can write the hell out of an album. You know how being in the club is an escape from the current depression the world is experiencing, and the grandiose seems much more grand than ever? The simple life is what 'Lonesome Dreams' is all about. Some people capture their 'life' by a GoPro frame, others capture actual life in song form that paints a picture no camera can catch. Campfire vibes all night on this one.

  • music label: Iamsound 2012
reviewed by Stinky Sandwich 11/2015