Never On Sunday Day-By-Day (Octave One) Vinyl 12"

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Repressed! Never On Sunday's 1992 Detroit masterpiece finally gets a proper reissue. Produced by the Motor City's Burden Brothers (aka Octave One), Day-By-Day captures the essence of early 90's Detroit house and techno like few other records can. Six epic tracks take the listener on a journey through deep and introspective vibes- a rare treat for lovers of emotive electronic music. From the brilliant "Urban Rains" that sets a mood like no other, the sax and piano jamming "Jackie's Theme," to the deep grooving "Carnal Pleasures," and the sensual "In The Breeze," this record is essential listening for fans of Detroit dance music fans. Presented in re-mastered form and re-released in conjunction with the Burden Bros. and 430 West Records. Recommended.

  • music label: 430 West 2015
reviewed by Packard Plant 08/2015