Pantha Du Prince This Bliss 2LP

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In case you missed it, we got copies back in of Pantha Du Prince's brilliant full length The Bliss. The album was originally released back in 2007 on Hamburg's Dial imprint and features an impressive strain of minimal techno that is equally moving as it is deep and emotive. Just check the deep vibes the opener "Asha" or amazing "Saturn Strobe" for a taste. Pantha obviously has a truly lush sound that acts like a soothing sonic sauna for the ears. "Moonstruck" and "White Out" take it deeper into techno territory, but there is still something special there that sets it apart adds to the overall gestalt of The Bliss. 8 tracks spread over two LPs.

  • music label: Kompakt
reviewed by The Kosmische Beard 02/2012