Sandwich Let's Go / Mustang Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $20.95
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Well, here's one you don't see everyday. Originally released in 1979, the sole release from Sandwich is something of a holy grail for the deep italo/cosmic disco nerdus. I mean just look at that cover, with the strange illustration of a caveman-looking dude noshing on a sandwich, all crudely drawn... this thing just screams "cult" record! Jokes aside, the grooves contained within only surpass the sheer awesomeness of the sleeve with "Mustang" riding a killer disco rhythm with driving bass and soaring solos to take you to cosmic disco heaven. "Let's Go" is another winner, this time turning up the funky disco juice to eleven to win over even the most jaded disco hater. Limited edition reissue with fully remastered sound. Only 475 made. You snooze, you lose!

  • limited edition of 475
  • remastered sound
  • music label: Best Record 2016
reviewed by Mandler 08/2016