Slightly Stoopid Everything You Need (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Yeah brah, Slightly Stoopid's third studio album makes it to vinyl for the first time! Everything You Need was originally released in 2003 on CD-only and found the San Diego-based band fusing punk-dub and reggae-rap to make the college kids go wild. If you ever got down to the sounds of Sublime back in the day (and aren't afraid to admit it), you'll probably be down with Slightly Stoopid. These guys definitely carry that SoCal stoner-surf-rap torch, and were actually signed to Brad Nowell's label while still in high school! 14 tracks in all, pressed on yellow vinyl with gatefold sleeve.

  • first time on vinyl
  • 2003 studio album 
  • music label: Surfdog Records 2012
reviewed by Beachy Head 01/2015