Slow Riffs Gong Bath Vinyl 12"

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For healing use only. This is the next best thing to a full body massage or hitting the five footer to reach maximum chill status. The Mood Hut posse have been dealing their unique strain of laid back Vancouver house for a minute now, but this might just be the most chilled out record yet. Slow Riffs completely do away with drum machines in lieu of rainsticks and running water sounds (yes, I'm completely serious). The New Age-ness of this record is next level, but really that's what's so awesome about it. Check "Gong Bath" and let your anxieties melt in a wash of drones and field recordings. "Virgo Dub" takes a similar approach, introducing some subtle low end frequencies to hint at a groove, while "Peace Arch" takes a U-turn towards lands of rhythmic spiritual jazz - also equally meditative. Take it there!

  • music label: Mood Hut 2015
reviewed by Swami Mami 10/2015