Soul Jazz Records Studio One Rub-A-Dub Vinyl 2LP

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Repressed! I've been waiting for this particular Studio One compilation. Soul Jazz finally gives up the goods with this deep selection of re-versioned Studio One classics from the 70s. It reminds me of our NYU days when Frogman would come home with some grimy 45, then dj it in amongst other Studio One 45s in a hazy web of the same riddim. The longer the chain, the more enjoyable Coxsonne's vision became. It's was like a puzzle except with more satisfaction in between. I'm not going to test my reggae knowledge here, but I can confidently say that most of these tracks are rare as hell these days, and here are some of my favorites: "My Conversation" by Cornell Campbell (so f-ing sweet), "Screw Gone A North Coast" by Lone Ranger, "Give Love" by Barry Brown, "Natural Mystic" by Jennifer Lara (intense!), and "Empty Belly" by The Ethiopian. 17 tracks in all, double vinyl, impeccably packaged and detailed as usual.

  • music label: Soul Jazz Records 2007 / 2015
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2007