Soul Jazz Records The Original Sound of New Orleans Soul 1966-76 Vinyl 2LP

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You got the Funk - now get the Soul.  A decade into this series and Soul Jazz is still coming up with new ways to showcase America’s last great city: New Orleans. Having covered all corners of the funk world, they now turn their attention to the soulful side of the Crescent City. Combining emotional vocals from the local churches with the driving beats of rhythm and blues and a touch of the ever-present second line parades of the city, this sound took New Orleans by storm in the post-war era. All of the NOLA legends are touched on here: from Aaron Neville, Willie Tee and Robert Parker to Eddie Bo and Lionel Robinson. And they haven’t left out the ladies either. Irma Thomas, Betty Harris, Jean Knight and more all get their due in this expansive compilation. No need for lagniappe on this one, Soul Jazz has the whole show covered.

  • comes with free MP3 download
  • includes extensive liner notes & exclusive photography
  • music label: Soul Jazz 2014
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