The Naturals On The Way (To The Laughing Light Of Plenty) Vinyl 2LP

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Debut album from The Naturals (aka The Laughing Light Of Plenty) finally reissued! Originally released in 2010 by cult NY label Whatever We Want in ridiculously small numbers, the sole full length from Eddie Ruscha and Thomas Bollock (of Rub N Tug fame) has become a super sought-after piece for heads in the know. As The Naturals, Eddie and Thomas craft chilled out balearic jams, krautrock, psychedelic pop, and leftfield disco to sooth the soul. I believe the sound samples speak for themselves ("The Pulse" is the one) as this LP really is a thing of brilliance. Usually these kind of "lost" records gain notoriety for their rarity or obscurity, but this is one of the rare cases where the music actually lives up to the hype and is actually worth the high price of admission. Limited stock, don't sleep!

  • music label: Whatever We Want 2010 / Emotional Response 2015
reviewed by Bo Linas 10/2015