V/A Underground Disco & Boogie 2LP

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Mr. Peabody Records is known around the world as one of Chicago's premier record spots. The owners, Mark Crusane and Mike Cole, obviously have DEEP crates and have already compiled gems for BBE in the past (see the first Real Sound Of Chicago comp), but on The Real Sound Of Chicago & Beyond, they give us another peak into their vast vinyl collections, sharing the jams that set the discerning dance floor off. For the underground disco funk and boogie enthusiast, this collection is a must as it compiles the rare joints you just aren't going to find in the field (and if you do, you probably won't want to cough up the dough for 'em). Check the scorching boogie sound of Sun Sect's "She's Hot," Hot Pepper's stomping "Cancion Ritual," Kenny Well's uptempo groover "What You Left For Love," the super soulful sounds of SpaceArk's "Do What You Can Do," and  Kurtis Scott's "Build," and Lily Fields' "Lover" for a taste. This release has plenty more where that came from, including original Mr. Peabody edits of cuts like Judy Clayton's "Loves Gonna Find You." 8 tracks spread over two LPs. Recommended. 

  • music label: bbe
reviewed by snackmaster 09/2011