The Tallest Man On Earth Dark Bird Is Home (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Kristian Matsson returns with his fourth album as The Tallest Man On Earth. Matsson's music has slowly added layers throughout his idiosyncratic folk music career. His lyrics continue to track journeys into self imposed solitude, but he seems to pick up more collaborators along the way. Sure, much of the instrumentation and vocals are handled by Matsson on Dark Bird Is Home. However, the album has much more going on than his earlier releases. His melodies take their time revealing themselves, just as his thoughts and notions can take many lines to come together. This tendency for the music to take its time is the ultimate reward for anyone who turns their ears towards Dark Bird Is Home.

  • white vinyl pressing
  • music label: Dead Oceans 2015
reviewed by Hank Ohs 06/2015