Theo Parrish Chemistry / Untitled One 12"

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Theo got a hand from a gang of friends on this killer Sound Signature 12" from 2008. "Chemistry" features Andreya Triana, Steve Spacek, Ommas Keith, Vito Money, Sofie L., and Adi Dick on the track and their combined efforts create a luscious, deep vocal house groove with an obvious Detroit slant. The way the synths and vocals play off each other on this one is just incredible - super soulful vibes. Flipside features more signature Theo styles with the jazzy incantations of "Untitled" with guitarist Duminie Deporres. Be swift, stock on this repress won't last long. Recommended.

  • music label: Sound Signature 2008 / 2013
reviewed by snackmaster 07/2013