TV Carnage Let's Work It Out DVD

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Brand new and good for you (as Neil Nice would say), the latest addition to the TV Carnage series is Let's Work It Out!!!. Forget P90X, this megamix of bad exercise tv and videos (with fitness instructors Marie Osmond, O.J., Dolph Lundgren, Elmo, Lyle Alzado, Dixie Carter, Marky Mark, a Scientologist, and more) will do wonders for your body and give your brain a thorough workout at the same time. We don't know how Pinky Beckles keeps doing it, but he's once again managed put together a clever and entertaining DVD out of hours and hours of shitty footage, and if you are a fan of his previous volumes, definitely add this to your collection. Check out the below clip lifted from the dvd extras. Good times guaranteed!