W+L Black Jack Priest Edits (Human League) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $12.95
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W+L Black is back! This time around they tap up and coming producer Jack Priest for four edits that center around heart ache and heart break. The Bristol based Priest turns for some obvious and not so obvious picks. First up is Human League's "Don't You Want Me," an absolutely essential track that you should be dropping nightly. The second cut was a bit of a stumper, but "Dynamite" might be the most funky thing on here. Get this record for that track if nothing else. He turns to the ladies of soul and R&B on side two. Ertha Kitt's "Where Is My Man" gets chopped and extended while "Every Girl," Aretha Franklin's early 80s top ten hit, is turned into a night dubbing boogie burner.

  • music label: W+L Black 2015
reviewed by Joey Coco 03/2015