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Wu-Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck (Split Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 12" (Record Store Day)

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Record Store Day Exclusivo. Wu-Tang Clan's 1993 debut single, the one that started it all, now on split black and yellow vinyl for RSD! Put this on your headphones, close your eyes and pretend you are back in 92 when Wu was peddling their record in front of Beat Street and telling people that it was that sh*t you can't comprehend. You give it a chance cause ODB was in your grill, drop a five, take it home, drop the needle and then you're introduced to the world of the craziest MF'ers on mic: Chef, Meth, RZA, GZA, GhostDeck and the rest of em. It blows you away. It wasn't some big label sh*t but, some suburban ish from Shaolin. Watch your step kid, the deadliest crew debut on Protect Ya Neck. And on the flip, the world's intro to charismatic Meth... moving on your left. Method Man Radio, Dirty, Home Grown Version (Demo). Protect Ya Neck Radio, Shaolin, Bloody. Limited to 3000 copies. A Must for the true Wu heads.

  • limited edition 3,000 Record Store Day 12-Inch
  • pressed on split yellow and black vinyl for the first time ever
  • reproduction of the original cover art housed in plastic Get On Down-branded outer sleeve
  • music label: Get On Down 2015
reviewed by Von Bee 05/2015