New Site Introduction + Storefront Announcement

Like The Cube at Cooper Square, we're back - new and old at the same time. Welcome to the fourth (or fifth?) generation of the TTL Operating System™ in 15+ years in business. In addition to modernizing our aesthetics (exploring that underworld of @media css styles), our goal in this re-design was to keep the Lab's original feel intact while simplifying the structure to reflect our time-constrained online lives.

The most noticeable change is the Vinyl Section. Sub-genres are constantly merging and dissipating. Therefore, we've narrowed down our music genres to 5 main categories. We've made up for this generalized approach with a more powerful search engine which we feel will become the focal point of the site. If you want a specific sub-genre back, we can create custom searches (like this one for Classic House Records) (request it at

And speaking of The Cube + Cooper Square, our storefront will be moving to a larger, more central East Village location. More information and launch date coming soon.

thanks for your support,
the mgmnt

p.s. please send feedback to

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