Acoustic High-End Research Running Back Presents Strada Professional Sound Effects LP

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Limited repress of this sought-after sound fx comp from Strada Records Japan. Strada pressed this up back in 2005 in ridiculously small numbers and since then it has been kind of a big deal with the big disco and house DJs (who were able to get a copy!). It is basically an indispensible mixing tool - especially if you are going between tempos, need something cool and sweeping for an intro or outro, or just want to mess with the crowd with some trippy sound effects. Regardless if you're mixing disco, house, techno, reggae, whatever.. the record comes through in the clutch. Features long electronic sweeps, sea side ambience, air raid sirens, winds, disco bomb sounds, jets, kids laughing on LSD, etc. This one won't leave the bag anytime soon!

  • music label: Running Back 2012
reviewed by TKB 06/2012