Actress Meets Shangaan 12"

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Backstory: released by UK tastemakers Honest Jon's in 2010, the archival compilation Shangaan Electro broadcast to the world a South African newness of high tempo (somewhere around 180), electronic dance music. Laden with drum machines and quick, synthesized melodies, it became one of the most intriguing and interesting listens of the year. From there, Honest Jon's expanded and encouraged its influence in a series of "meets Shangaan Electro" that saw producers of a variety of styles worldwide offering their take on the "New Wave Dance Music of South Africa." And thus, following in the footsteps of such masters as Detroit's Theo Parrish, footworker DJ Rashad, Ricardo Villalobos, and more, we arrive at Actress' own revision. Definitely further out than his past hits, "Harrier ATK" and "Maze" this sees Actress going further down the post-dubstep, tropical, techno, what-have-you, rabbit hole. The A-side provides a darker edge to the dance style, filtering its sounds through a labyrinth of mutated minimal groove, a highly recommended next-level track. B-side stays a bit closer to the original's stylings, adding bits and pieces of funky flux. Certainly cuts for those with more unknown and exotic curiousities.

  • music label: Honest Jon's
reviewed by A. Tomorrow 01/2012