Adrian Younge The Electronique Void Vinyl LP

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Younge goes electronic! Ever since 2009's Black Dynamite OST (when we first heard from "America's black genius"), Adrian Younge has been known as the modern master of vintage analog funk and soul. The man has explored almost every facet of the vintage cinematic soul with virtuosic aplomb over the past few years via several releases on which he has played and composed every note. Now with The Electronique Void, Younge sets his focus on realizing the full power of the analog synthesizer. From the intro narration down to the cover art, it is clear he is using classic electronics and library records as the blueprint. Think Dick Hyman, Wendy Carlos, or Raymond Scott... now add Adrian Younge to the list. Over the course of 10 wildly varied tracks, Younge is able to realize the full potential of synthesizer music - hitting the classic library sound ("Suicidal Love," "Fly Away") with notes of modern hip-hop ("Systems," "Black Noise"), and even some EBM/industrial touches ("Concept Of Love," "Voltage Controlled Orgasms"). More proof that the man can do no wrong! 

  • music label: Linear Labs 2016
reviewed by Dr. Rhythm 10/2016