Al Green I'm Still In Love With You (180g) Vinyl LP

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There's a few records that are just are so universally good that you can't consider yourself a music lover if you don't have em in the racks somewhere. I'm talking stuff like What's Goin On, the White Album (probably the Black Album now too), Hot Rocks, Songs In The Key Of Life, and I'm Still In Love With You. Foundations people. So you don't got this record? Whassahellsa matta wit you?! Includes the tracks "I'm Still In Love With You," the rim shot break classic "I'm So Glad You're Mine," the all-time smoothest of ballads, "Simply Beautiful," ";Love & Happiness" and 5 others. This crispy new edition comes on 180g vinyl for your listening pleasure.

  • music label: Fat Possum 2009
reviewed by the mgmnt