Al Kent Disco Love 3 2LP / 2CD

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Elite disco collector and Million Dollar Disco kingpin Al Kent goes for another round of super rare soul & disco on BBE with the third Disco Love compilation. Just like the previous volumes (and his MDD releases) this album focuses on those overlooked and hard-to-come by underground disco gems that only someone with the deepest of crates (or a big bankroll) will have to offer - and that someone is Al Kent! His affection for classic disco sounds definitely shows on this set of extra soulful disco cuts that range from uplifting dancefloor jams, gritty back alley recordings, and funky burners. He's even gone ahead and re-edited many of them, leaving only the juiciest tidbits to set your soul on fire. Take a listen to the party energy of "I Want To Be With You" by Gregory Andre & Two Plus Three, "Disco Music" by Sil Austin, the super soul of the Mighty Gents' "Mighty Gents," the uptempo groove of "Disco Fever (Round 3)" by Rhond Durand, or the feel-good vibes of "Human" by Neo Experience - it's obvious wonder why he's Dimitri From Paris and Joey Negro's favorite disco DJ, and why dudes like Kon, Rahaan, and Theo Parrish are always after his edits. The double CD version also includes a bonus CD featuring all the tracks blended together in one seamless mix by Al himself! 8 unmixed tracks on 2LP and 15 unmixed tracks on the CD total for the deep disco aficionados.

  • music label: BBE Disco 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 02/2013