Al Zanders Limb Valley EP Vinyl 10"

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10" Vinyl $15.95
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Heat alert! Limited white label action from Blind Jacks Journey. No joke, I threw this on the office turntable and everyone was like "what is this?" and proceeded to cop (including bossman Tony that never does that!). Take a listen to "Long Gone" to hear what the fuss is about. The track grooves with infectious keys and bass, plus that catchy soul vocal ("I know you make me feel like!") that really puts it over the top. Flipside "Endcliffe Park" cools it down on the deep Detroit vibe a la Moody or Theo. Limited to 555 copies! Recommended.

  • limited to 555 copies
  • hand stamped copies
  • music label: Blind Jacks Journey 2015
reviewed by Mr. Gone 11/2015