Alexi Delano My Busted SH-101 Vinyl 12"

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I have a busted SH-101 in my studio and it's not fun. The synth never does you want it to, and its almost impossible to get any decent sounds out of the thing. If Alexi Delano is truly using a busted SH-101 for these tracks, it incredible. Assuming it is true, here he is totally able to tame the beast and use the unpredictable synth modulations to create a catchy-ass synth jam to move the crowd. With a sludgy bassline, trickling arpeggios, and shuffle-y beats, Delano casts his spell on the floor. On the flip, Persuader turns up the dub techno knob to 11 on the remix. Pic sleeve.

  • music label: Spectral 2014
reviewed by the mgmnt 06/2014