Alice Coltrane Universal Consciousness Vinyl LP

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First ever vinyl reissue of Alice Coltrane's cosmic masterpiece. This is the missing link between spiritual free jazz and new age music. Recorded in 1971 for Impulse, Universal Consciousness was a major turning point in Coltrane's incredible career, a shift from her previous work and the first to expand her compositions and focus on organs and strings (working with Ornette Coleman). The music contained is powerful and transcendant, calm and apocalytic. Time and space seem to dissolve through the masterful arrangements and virtuosic improvisation. If you ever wonder where Flying Lotus got his knack for cosmic beats, you might try wrapping your head around this music by his Aunt. First ever vinyl reissue carefully remastered from the original tapes by Superior Viaduct. Recommended.

  • remastered from original tapes
  • music label: Impulse 1971 / Superior Viaduct 2015
reviewed by TKB 08/2015