Amnesia Scanner AS Vinyl 12"

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Debut EP from Berlin's enigmatic Amnesia Scanner. Maybe you've been feeling music from artists like Lotic, M.E.S.H., Arca and Autechre lately? If that's the case then Amnesia Scanner's disjointed and densely futuristic sounds are what you should be listening to right now. There's little information out there about the duo, save for their collaboration with Holly Herndon on her 2015 release, Platform. But that should not dissuade you from digging into AS. Their music unfolds organically, dissolving electronic sounds into doom filled takes on rave and EDM. Chaos seems to inform their visual as well as aural aesthetic and it all works to their advantage. It may not be easy listening but Amnesia Scanner seem to know exactly what to do to draw you into their world. Six tracks in all. Released by Young Turks on black vinyl.

  • music label: Young Turks 2016
reviewed by whatsinaname 06/2016