Analog Brothers Pimp To Eat (Kool Keith & Ice-T, Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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When Kool Keith, Ice-T, and three other members (Rex Roland, Marc Live, Siver Synth) give themselves analog-equipment-inspired names and drop an album, you already know you’re in for a bizarre (as in, the best shit ever) ride. Pimp to Eat dropped in 2000, but outside of Dr. Octagon fans and maybe a handful of “real” hip-hop heads, the record went criminally unnoticed, and Mello Music reissues the album to give it due justice. There are some guest appearances, but it’s Ice Oscillator (Ice-T) and Keith Korg (Kook Keith) that steal the show. The lyrics are raw, mashing straight pimp-slap sex talk & braggadocio with complex science lingo: “Verbal butt taster with vanilla flavor, between Lisa Ray’s butt cheeks, astronomical kodak flashes.” You can easily guess what the beats sound like from the name of the group; they knock hard thanks to the all-analog arsenal that Pimp Rex (Rex Roland) unleashes on the 16-tracker. Check out “Analog Technics,” “More Freaks,” “So Bad,” “Perms, Baldheaded, Afros & Dreds,” and “Shut Down Show.”

  • colored vinyl
  • double vinyl LP reissue
  • Mello Music Group 2000 / 2016
reviewed by donut savage 07/2016