Andrew Bird Break It Yourself Vinyl LP + The Crown Sales 7" Bundle

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Andrew Bird's 10th album along with exclusive indie 7"! Break It Yourself is a collection of songs of quiet contemplation that showcase a more subdued Bird than what we've heard in the past. His compositions appear more muted, but contain the whimsy that many have grown to love. Bird is more brooding than playful; heavy hearted and toned down. The beauty is in the details that Bird employs. Ballads like "Sifters" and the eight-minute "Hole in the Ocean Floor," more delicate than Bird's past work, start to shine once you give them your full attention. While Break It Yourself may not be as immediate as his past albums, you'll see its true elegance as you give it sometime.

  • double vinyl LP plus indie exclusive 7"
  • includes free download
  • music label: Mom + Pop 2012
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 11/2014