Animal Collective Feels Vinyl 2LP

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3rd studio album from Baltimore weirdos, Animal Collective. 'Feels' is the first album I actually listened to from AC. I had picked up a part time job I didn't need at Urban Outfitters just from helping an employee move a shelf one day. It was one of their albums in heavy rotation at the time and I hated anytime it came on. Fast forward after walking out on the job and a few years into the future and I couldn't stop listening to the album. Holy Sh*t, what are these guys on? Or better yet, what aren't they on? 10 years later and I am getting nothing but FEELS every time I listen. Album opener 'Did You See The Words' could be one of the best EVER. If you haven't heard a lick of Animal Collective, describing the band is no easy feat. The wall of sound, Beach Boys on acid meets Captain Beefheart on xanax.... ugh, it's trippy but in the best possible way. Of their entire catalog, I recommend starting here and moving on to Stawberry Jam then Merriweather Post Pavilion then you're on your own from there.

  • double vinyl gatefold pressing
  • Fatcat Records
reviewed by Iceman 4/2016