ANOHNI Hopelessness (180g) Vinyl LP

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Hopelessness is the debut solo effort from ANOHNI, formerly known as Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons. She’s also with Hercules and Love Affair, perhaps best known for singing on the New York disco/house group’s smash “Blind.” Regarding the release, ANOHNI notes “I have grown tired of grieving for humanity, and I also thought I was not being entirely honest by pretending that I am not a part of the problem.” From the opener “Drone Bomb Me,” the singer/songwriter delves right into the issues: “blow my head off, explode my crystal guts.” The brutally direct and honest lyrics continue on “Obama” (“all the hope drained from your face”), “Execution” (“it’s an American dream, execution, like the Chinese and the Saudis, the North Koreans and the Nigerians”) and every track ‘till the closing seconds of the album. Behind the critical observation of the world, however, are “insanely beautiful” soundscapes courtesy of Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point. The producers lay down textured rhythms and colorful melodies, making Hopelessness a “deadly serious” body of work with a profound message that is also accessible.

  • 180 gram vinyl pressing
  • music label: Secretly Canadian 2016
reviewed by buffalo fingers 06/2016