Arcade Odyssey Arcade Odyssey Vinyl 12"

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Funked out video game covers? Uh, yes please! Leave it to Miami's Cosmic Chronic crew (you know, the dudes that brought you Psychic Mirrors and Dreamboat) to dig deep in the carts for those hidden (and not so hidden) jams and bring them back to life with a new found funk as Arcade Odyssey. It's a serious nostalgia overload from the get-go with "Spring Yard Zone," the most obvious selection of the bunch and a personal favorite from the Sonic The Hedgehog OST. For me, it was worth it just for this tune alone, but then I got smacked by the hyper-active funk of "Neon Night Riders" from TMNT 4: Turtles In Time and I had to cop doubles. Also includes "Beautiful Forest" from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and the chilled out "Port Town" (anyone know what game this is from?). Must have for gamers and funkophiles alike. Recommended.  

  • limited to 300 copies
  • music label: Cosmic Chronic 2016
reviewed by Otakun 02/2016