Atmosphere God Loves Ugly Vinyl 2LP

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Call it a phenomenon. Atmosphere has a rabid fan base, an enigmatic front man and one of the best producers to come from the of Mid-West scene. Slug is spilling his personal guts most of the time, but when it's done with such a clear thought process you have to take the guy seriously. Atmosphere's behind the scene producer, Ant, is able to match moods so well with Slug that you can catch a feelin even without following the rhymes. It comes off as a very complete piece of work and its easy to see how these guys caught on so well. Standout tracks from this 2002 album include "Flesh," 'Saves The Day," "God Loves Ugly," "Modern Man's Hustle," "Onemosphere," "Breathing," and "Fuck You Lucy." 18 tracks total spread over two LPs.

  • music label: Rhymesayers Entertainment 2002 / 2009
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2015