• Babu: Super Duper Duck Breaks Vinyl LP
  • Babu: Super Duper Duck Breaks Vinyl LP

Super Duper Duck Breaks Vinyl LP

Stones Throw

↳ sequel to The Turntablist's seminal Super Duck Breaks

Vinyl LP $17.95
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Damn, the first time I heard about Super Duper was about 4 years ago. We've probably gotten a total of 100+ emails about the release date. What made the original Duck Breaks so great was the ease of use, and almost the whole record was usable. If you own it, you probably know the skratch sentences by heart. Duck Breaks was the Midnight Marauders of break records. Super Duper is a solid battle record. As good as the original? I really don't know, that comes with time and usage. The formula is very similar to the original. Simple beat arrangement plus smartly designed sentences. The first side starts with a stripped down skratch beat which is followed by 4 short sections of old school beats linked together by bpms. This is enclosed by the first skratch/beat sentence which is tightly formed with more drum snippets. The side ends with a downtempo electro beat. Side two is probably the stronger side that starts with 2 catchy skratch break beats (The first one is my pick) followed by a true skratch sentence. The next track is a Knight Rider-esque electro beat. The record ends with a marked descending tone section ending in a locked groove. Like I said, don't know if this will live up to the hype, but it's a good record that I'm sure everyone will be using.

  • black 12" vinyl pressing
  • sequel to Babu aka The Tablist / The Turntablist's seminal Super Duck Breaks
  • music label: Stones Throw 2000
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2005

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