Basement Jaxx The Singles (Colored Vinyl, Free MP3) Vinyl 2LP

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Deluxe colored vinyl reissue! Basement Jaxx's biggest hits, with a few previously unreleased jams for good measure. Head straight to "Fly Life," their first big club hit. It's a monster and for some, their finest moment. Released in 1997, at the height of the filter-house craze, the track made their methodical filter contemporaries look just that. This track's druggy rush of frenetic horn stabs and ragga vocals sounds like a really good, coked up dj working the shit out of the crossover while a pounding minimal beat runs underneath. It's an unashamedly peak-hour track, but raw and funky at the same time - this track is absolutely devastating at the right time. "Where's Your Head At" is arguably the duo's biggest song, one that's reached Jock Jam status. Some of the others are probably less familiar to American listeners, but great none the less. There's the rock/soul influenced "Good Luck," the poppy vocal house track "Romeo" and the vocoded boogie of "Rendez Vu." An excellent way to play catch up or fill in some gaps in your crates.

  • originally released in 2005
  • special edition pressed on yellow and blue double vinyl
  • music label: XL Recordings 2005 / 2014
reviewed by The Vault 12/2014