Beak Beak / Kaeb (Portishead) Vinyl 12"

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Beak split sides with... themselves? The latest offering from the Bristol trio of Geoff Barrow (of Portishead fame), Billy Fuller, and Matt Williams features 2 tracks from themselves as BEAK>, and 2 from their alter-ego "<KAEB" which allows for expanded band membership. Strange as it sounds, it makes sense after listening. The initial tracks as BEAK> feature the moody experimental/krautrock sound we've come to love from them. "The Meader" features heavy Can-like rhythms with angular guitars and wailing reminiscent of Damo Suzuki, while "Broken Window" chugs along with a stomping beat and dark atmospherics. The <KAEB side puts more emphasis on the vocals as evident on the gentle "When We Fall" and "There's No One" featuring Stones Throw MC Jonwayne. Comes in beautiful pic sleeve cover, recommended.

  • music label: Invada 2015
reviewed by Bo Linas 08/2015