Beastie Boys Ill Communication (180g) Vinyl 2LP

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Now available on remastered, 180g vinyl! Nice and loud double LP pressing of Ill Communication complete with perfectly reproduced artwork. This album caught the Beasties in top creative form - experimenting with the music, but still keeping the quality high and their feet grounded, no matter what style they attempted. It not only contains some of their hypest crossover tracks ever like "Sabotage" and "Sure Shot," but also the super funky Q-Tip collabo "Get It Together" and the hard Biz Mark collab "Do It." Jazzy breakbeat groovers like "Root Down" and "The Scoop" are also present as well as some of their early instrumental jazz-funk-fusion noodlings ("Ricky's Theme" and "Sabrosa") and tracks that hark back to their punk rocker days ("Heart Attack Man"). 20 tracks total, worth every penny.

  • music label: Capitol / 2009
reviewed by Snackmaster 07/2009