Beastie Boys The Mix-Up Vinyl LP

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Instrumental album from the Beasties. I love the Beasties - grew up banging out to their raps - and now I'm banging to just the beats! This album concentrates on a return to live instruments and a nice mix of fresh originals. The sound is like a continuation of the In Sound From Way Out! album, and packs 'nuff funky, buttery breaks perfect for summertime escapades and chillin'. Check the uptempo "14th St. Break," the funky bass of "The Electric Worm," "Melee," the stomping rock/funk track "The Cousin Of Death," and "Kangaroo Rat." Granted, it's not as "Beastie" as they were when they were in their hip hop prime, but then again, they're not "Boys" anymore either. Great Monty Python style cover art. 12 tracks, 45 minutes.

  • music label: Capitol 2007
reviewed by Cmish 2007