Ben Folds Five Ben Folds Five (180g) Vinyl LP

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Debut album from Chapel Hill natives reissued! The grunge years had almost passed completely at this point, at least in the inner circle, and alternative radio was still the wild west giving plenty of opportunity to newcomers flannel clad or not. While there had been some random groups making headway in the mainstream world, that mainstream world still didn't have quite the grasp on what the kids were listening to. The 'internet' didn't exist in the way it does now and cool people were actually cool, not clones of one another. Ben Folds is a prime example of the shift in culture from indie sweethearts to marketable alternatives. Though their approach was DIY at heart there was something more to it that could hold the attention of your everyday nine to fiver and your, at the time, 'slacker' record store clerk. A feat that still hasn't been perfected but is glorious when it does. The piano driven, sometimes vaudevillian recordings and performances earned a special place in the hearts of a growing fan base. Other piano men (Randy Newman, Billy Joel) come to mind while listening and their influences are surely present. Pressed on 180g vinyl.

  • music label: Plain Recordings 2015
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