Black Flag Damaged Vinyl LP

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One of the most important hardcore punk albums ever released. Damaged is a physical and intensely visceral document of California hardcore punk from the early 1980s. Black Flag had a few EPs under their belt, but had nearly as many aborted attempts at an album. They tried recording with different members on vocals, but nothing really stuck until recent D.C. expat Henry Rollins joined the band. His presence made all the difference for the band, adding a barely contained ferocity was the missing piece the band needed. Greg Ginn's songwriting was on point as well. He dealt with the usual punk conceits of alienation, boredom, and disenfranchisement, but did so with a decidedly tongue in cheek manner. The best examples of the humorous side of his writing have got to be "T.V. Party," used in Repo Man and "Six Pack." Overall the album is a juggernaut of punk energy and innovation that would go on to spawn tons of imitators. An important piece of punk history.

  • music label: SST 1981
reviewed by ninetwofour 06/2015