Black Marble It's Immaterial (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Sophomore studio album from Black Marble. It's Immaterial finds Black Marble in a transitional phase. Originally composed of Chris Stewart and Ty Kube and operating out of Brooklyn, the outfit is now solely Stewart's who is based on the West Coast. While the sound of the album carries the gauzy haze of 80s EBM that defined the bands earlier efforts, Stewart has pushed his vocals a little more to the front to great effect. The lo-fi drum machines and Peter Hook inspired basslines have come into focus, although a little bit of the murk still remains. While the instrumentation draws on Joy Division and New Order, Stewart's seemingly disembodied vocals provide an element that separates Black Marble from its peers. Tracks like "Woods," "Iron Lung," and "Frisk" offer up just the right amount of hooks to drawn you in. Eleven tracks in all. Released by Ghostly International on white vinyl housed in a full color sleeve with a download code.

  • white vinyl pressing
  • digital download included
  • music label: Ghostly International 2016
reviewed by Goth Knight 10/2016