Bladerunners Work It, Shake It (Eddy Grant, Madonna) 12"

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7L and RaZor made all these edits in the "cut & paste / tape edit" method of 80s pioneers like the Latin Rascals and Steinski, and while I doubt that they were actually cutting up any tape, the inspiration and style are definitely in there. 7L has made an impressive transition from indie hip hop sideman to one of Boston's biggest club djs, and while I've never heard of RaZor, he does some cool shit with the edits here. Check out his versions of Madonna's "Physical Attraction" and Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue" ("Out In The Streets"). That shit is POPPING in the headphones, I can only imagine what it would sound like in the club when he starts flipping channels, stuttering and overdubbing those beats. The a-side features an original 7L & RaZor party break, in three smart versions. The basic "Work It, Shake It" is best for your own blending purposes, then the "Back It Up" mix takes things up a couple notches with Gwen samples and could work in a number of situations (uh, mostly just play it), then "Work It, Shake It Remix" pulls em all together.

  • music label: Five Day Weekend / 2006
reviewed by the mgmnt 11/2006