Blind Jacks Journey Dream House Tropicana Vol.1 Vinyl 12"

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Blind Jacks is back! The UK label resurrects their popular Dream House series with an extra helping of dreamy goodness on the inaugural volume of Dream House Tropicana. Here we're treated to prime ambient house sounds from label favorites Jimini, Gnork, Luv Jam, and Mr. Fiel. Fans of BJJ should already know the deal here, but for those new to the sound check the lush chords and beachside percussion on Mr. Fiel's "Sunset On The Moon" for some serious balearic house vibes, or Jimini's "Back To Reality" for smooth pads and heavy kicks to soothe your soul. Also includes Gnork and Luv Jam's acidic groover "Troppppix" and Rnr's ethereal "Moments" that will put the dance floor in a lifted state. Hand stamped copies.

  • hand stamped copies
  • music label: Blind Jacks Journey 2016
reviewed by Casualry 09/2016