Blind Jacks Journey Dream House Vol.1.2 (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 12"

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Second in the Dream House collection, thankfully repressed! Blind Jacks Journey, a label out of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and named after a local engineering legend, has been secretly releasing heaters for the last year or so. We didn't have the chance to get our hands on their releases the first time around, but thankfully they've been kind enough to offer up some represses. The first track that caught our attention was Gnork's "Blorp93." The Hungarian artist turns in a deep house burner tempered by a little breakbeat workout that we couldn't be happier with. The rest of the release offers up a bunch more tasty morsels. Another deep house number from Gnork along with some retro Italo business in the guise of Heko's "Nu Rêve." Things close out with two mellower pieces, Electra's fittingly titled "Dream Space Inbetween" and Flyypost's disorienting "Further Dreams." A versatile offering from Blind Jacks Journey that we were happy to get our hands on, just missing the one eyed dog stamp from the original pressing. Recommended.

  • music label: Blind Jacks Journey 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 08/2014