Blind Jacks Journey Dream House Volume 1.1 (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $14.95
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The one that started it all for Blind Jacks... Dream House 1.1 was originally released back in 2012 as the debut release for the now cult-favorite BJJ label. This 12" would open up the worm-hole of underground house and techno with four blissful tracks from super under-the-radar producers brought to the light by the Blind Jacks crew. Check the chilled acid flavors of Jimini's "Dream 1.1," the deep chug of St. Savor's "Savor's Dream," subterranean techno from Plas Vegas, and Flyypost's "Under The Bed." This is the second repress (and possibly the last) so don't miss it this time around!

  • 2014 repress on yellow vinyl
  • music label: Blind Jack's Journey 2012/2014
reviewed by TKB 07/2015