Blind Jacks Journey Kangaroo Sunset EP

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12" Vinyl $15.95
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The UK's Blind Jacks Journey never seems to disappoint. Tonbe's "So Fresh" may be a little more boogie house than what the label has released in the past, but it is not lacking for quality. The Serbian producer turns in a perfect summer jammer, light and optimistic with just the right dose of Metro Area vibes. Blind Jacks regular Oddnipp turn in a remix that might be more in line with the label's usual sound. A little murky with a little more weight in the low end. Excellent material for the late night crew. And the 10" closes out with some kangaroo inspired weirdness. Here's to Blind Jacks for another inspiring release.

  • 10" vinyl pressing
  • music label: Blind Jacks Journey 2016
reviewed by Down Unda Lubba 07/2016