Blonde Redhead Misery Is a Butterfly Vinyl LP

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2004 full length from NYC's Blonde Redhead. This album marked their debut on the legendary 4AD imprint as well as solidifying their place in the pantheon of emotive indie rock. After a four-year hiatus since their previous effort (2000's Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons) Blonde Redhead return with an album full of soft melodies and melancholy themes to get lost in. This is an especially important (and emotional) time for hardcore BR fans, as it marks the return of lead singer Kazu Makino after her serious horse riding accident. The pain of her titanium jaw bleeds through tracks like “Elephant Woman, Misery Is A Butterfly, Magic Mountain” and “Pink Love.” While Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto is still handling production, there is a marked difference in the overall sound of this record, a maturation that fits perfectly with the rest of the roster at their new label home 4AD (Cocteau Twins, Pixies, Dead Can Dance, Modern English and even TV On the Radio). A small glimmer of hope does appear at the end of the LP, when “EQVVS” resolves the album’s dark mood with an optimistic outlook. Records like Misery Is A Butterfly are precisely the reason my girl complains that I listen to too much morbid music around the house, but out of sadness comes true appreciation for the happy moments in life right, so fuck it right? Highly recommended for anyone who likes to spend time by themselves. 11 songs in total.

  • 2004 full length
  • music label: 4AD 2004
reviewed by jemz 05/2009